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Jahnavi Group or in its abbreviation “JG” is a professional company in the field of Tours, Travels, Hospitality and Event Management. The Company was registered under Indian Companies Act 1956 in 2009, since then company has grown many folds in last 8+ years of its existence. Founders of “JG” got the inspiration of the name “Jahnavi” from the synonyms of a sacred river “The Ganges”. The company’s core principle of Unity in Diversity is the main attribute of the sacred river who accepts many rivers on her fold on its course of flow to ocean. With this value based principle we have built over a period a sustained formidable work force with very high professional ethics & skills. The Company approaches its functioning with total transparency with all its customer / corporate & trade partners.

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Address: Office No. 901,
Arunachal Building, Barakhambha Road,
New Delhi - 110001

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 Tel No: +91 11 43011555

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